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What is the relationship between dietary patterns consumed and all-cause mortality?

Approach to Answering the Question
NESR Systematic Review

Dietary Patterns Subcommittee

Systematic Review Protocol
Developed for each scientific question being examined, the protocol describes the plan for how the systematic review will be conducted. The protocol provides the: 

  • Analytic framework, 
  • Literature search and screening plan, and 
  • Literature search and screening results. 

For this question, dietary patterns is defined as the quantities, proportions, variety, or combination of different foods, drinks, and nutrients (when available) in diets, and the frequency with which they are habitually consumed. The Committee is also considering diets based on macronutrient distribution where at least one macronutrient (i.e., carbohydrate, fat, and/or protein) is outside of the acceptable macronutrient distribution range (AMDR) set by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in the Dietary Reference Intakes reports. For example, any study in which carbohydrate intake is above or below the AMDR (i.e., greater than 65% of calories or below 45% of calories) that also meets the inclusion/exclusion criteria provided in the protocol, will be examined to answer the question. This approach allows the Committee to systematically review the overall scientific landscape of dietary patterns, including patterns that are both within and outside the AMDR along with different diet types. 

The all-cause mortality outcome includes the total number of deaths from all-causes during a specific time-period.  

For additional details, see the full protocol for the question, what is the relationship between dietary patterns consumed and all-cause mortality?  

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Draft Conclusion
This page will be updated with the draft conclusion once it has been developed. Draft conclusions are not considered final until they have been deliberated with and decided upon by the full Committee and published in the Committee’s report.