Number First Last Affiliation
1 Edward Groth Groth Consulting Services
2 Jessie Hunter USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council
3 Michelle Matto International Dairy Foods Association
4 Shalene McNeill National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
5 Yvonne Bronner Morgan State University – School of Community Health and Policy
6 Alice Bender American Institute for Cancer Research
7 Robbie Burns Grocery Manufacturers Association
8 Samir Zakhari Distilled Spirits Council of the United States
9 Marie May Smith May Family Farms
10 Adele Hite Healthy Nation Coalition
11 Don Layman Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Illinois
12 Michael Jacobson Center for Science in the Public Interest
13 Jillian Fry Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
14 Lonnie Westphal Colorado State Patrol
15 Mary Klatko School Nutrition Association
16 Joseph Gutierrez Medical Society of the District of Columbia
17 Haiuyen Nguyen Council for Responsible Nutrition
18 Betsy Booren North American Meat Institute
19 Jill Nicholls National Dairy Council
20 Ron Truex United Egg Producers
21 Beth Briczinski National Milk Producers Federation
22 Susan Backus North American Meat Institute/Back to Balance Coalition
23 Nada Milosavljevic Tea Council of the USA
24 Adria Sheil-Brown National Pork Board (testimony read by surrogate)
25 Eric Berg American Meat Science Association/North Dakota State University
26 Rochelle Gilman Hy-Vee
27 Christina Hartman Beer Institute
28 Jennifer McGuire National Fisheries Institute
29 Penny Kris-Etherton American Heart Association
30 Neal Barnard The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
31 Lindsey Haynes-Maslow Union of Concerned Scientists
32 P. Courtney Gaine The Sugar Association
33 Mitch Kanter Egg Nutrition Center
34 Deborah Bailin Union of Concerned Scientists
35 Jennifer Lonergan The Humane Society of the United States
36 Michael Greger
37 Guy Johnson McCormick Science Institute
38 Tamika Sims International Bottled Water Association
39 Mary Pat Raimondi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
40 Christina Khoo Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
41 Nancy Chapman Soyfoods Association of North America
42 Joseph Adams The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
43 Douglas Boucher Union of Concerned Scientists
44 Alison Bodor National Confectioners Association
45 Joan McGlockton National Restaurant Association
46 William Wallace Consumers Union
47 Michael Kelley Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
48 Ashley Rhinehart The Humane Society of the United States
49 Daniel Kovich National Pork Producers Council
50 Eli Briggs National Association of County and City Health Officials
51 Sarah Ohlhorst American Society for Nutrition
52 Margaret Dayhoff-Brannigan National Center for Health Research
53 Mark Rifkin The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
54 Glenn Gaesser Arizona State University
55 Christiana Wyly My Plate, My Planet
56 Nancy Becker Center for Science in the Public Interest
57 Asha Subramanian The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
58 Marianne Smith-Edge International Food Information Council Foundation
59 Nina Farley Compassion in World Farming
60 Barbara Campbell Determan Heartland Marketing Group
61 Melissa Maitin-Shepard American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
62 Marii Stratter Individual,
63 Kellie Bryant Pawnee Indian Health Center
64 Curt DellaValle Environmental Working Group
65 Marilyn Schorin American Beverage Association
66 Rachel Atcheson The Humane League
67 Kari Hamerschlag Friends of the Earth
68 Farida Mohamedshah Institute of Food Technologists
69 Angela Jones Center for Biological Diversity
70 Laurie Tansman Mount Sinai Medical Center
71 Mike Roussell Naked Nutrition LLC
72 Margaret Binzer Lawfirm of Polsinelli – representing Nutritional & Natural Products (NNP)
73 Mark Mitchell National Medical Association