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National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act of 1990 – Public Law 101-445 – October 22, 1990

The following section is a part of the National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act. It provides the directive to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Health and Human Services to publish the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This includes how often it should be released, its relevance to federal agencies, and that it should be based on the body of scientific evidence current at the time.

Title III – Dietary Guidance SEC. 301. Establishment of Dietary Guidelines.

(a) Report

(1) In General - At least every five years the Secretaries shall publish a report entitled “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”. Each such report shall contain nutritional and dietary information and guidelines for the general public, and shall be promoted by each Federal agency in carrying out any Federal food, nutrition, or health program. (2) Basis of Guidelines - The information and guidelines contained in each report required under paragraph (1) shall be based on the preponderance of the scientific and medical knowledge which is current at the time the report is prepared.